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Souvenirs and keepsakes

We have set up a small contingent of souvenirs and keepsakes. You can purchase those at the normal opening hours of the wisent-wilderness on the Rothaarsteig, the Head Office of the Association "Wisent world Wittgenstein", and some retailers. A delivery is possible on request against reimbursement.

20 percent of sales go into funding for this unique conservation project.

Our offers

Herb liquer & Stamper

powerful herbal liquer

from the home of the Wittgensteiner bison (0,7 l)

13,00 €



2,00 € per piece

Stuffed Toy

per piece

19,50 €

Handmade Wooden figure

Wisent Quentin (s): 10,00 €
Wisent Quax (m): 12,00 €
Wisent Horno (l): 15,00 €
Wisent Egnar (xl): 17,50 €
Wildschwein (s): 9,00 €
Wildschwein (l): 12,00 €

key ring pendant


pro Stück

3,50 €


per piece

15,00 €


T-Shirt children     

size 104 to 164

12,50 €


T-Shirt adult     

size s to xxl (ladies and gentlemen)

15,00 €

Coffee Cups

various motifs

8,50 € / piece


various motifs

1,00 € / piece

2,50 € / 3 pieces

USB - Stick

made of wood, 4 GB

9,50 €

Illustrated book & brochure

His Majesty, the wisent

A pictorial journey through the fascinating world of the largest land mammals in Europe in the Rothaar mountains

3,50 €

The return of the fascinating giants

About the wisent in general and the unique Wittgenstein conservation project in particular

2,50 €