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Bad Berleburg: City of villages

Bad Berleburg, locaated North-East within the District of Siegen-Wittgenstein, is for many tourists the gateway to the hiking and adventure world of the Rothaargebirge. Bad Berleburg, home of the Princes zu Sayn-Wittgenstein, has plenty to offer for visitors. The castle of Berleburg – a Baroque premise of 1733 is always worth a trip. The castle museum shows the history of the Princely House of Sayn-Wittgenstein-Berleburg.

Everywhere in the city, the whiff of history is to sense with tradition and customs. But the future is also at home in Bad Berleburg. Here the threads for the wisent project come together. The supporting association „wisent world Wittgenstein“ has its headquarters in Bad Berleburg, coordinates and controls the history and the success of the wisent project from here.

Or contact us directly, we will be happy to help you:

BLB-Tourismus GmbH – tourist information
Goetheplatz 3 | D-57319 Bad Berleburg
Telefon (0 27 51) 93 63 – 3 | Telefax (0 27 51) 93 63 – 43
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Aue-Wingeshausen village association

Aue-Wingeshausen has always been a very active village with a pronounced social life and a real sense for the common cohesion. The village Club is committed to combine these forces. It ensures that the intact infrastructure is maintained and expanded.
The village Club is an attractive and growing group and refers to hitself as a happy community, which performs its tasks with the necessary seriousness and has still much fun doing it. Tradition and modernity are consistent – across different generations.

The Club aims the maintenance and promotion of the village parts Aue, Müsse and Wingeshausen. It also operates the coordination of local clubs, customs and culture maintenance, promotion of youth and senior care. It coordinates institutions such as kindergartens, school and parish. Political, religious and racial aspirations will not be tolerated within the Club.

Dorfverein Aue-Wingeshausen
Helmut Kessler
In der Müsse 19
57319 Bad Berleburg
Telefon: (0 27 59) 94 80-35
Telefax: (02759) 94 80-37
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Nature and pleasure in Siegerland-Wittgenstein

Siegerland-Wittgenstein is one of the forest-richest districts of Germany. Located in the South of North Rhine-Westphalia, it can be reached within an hour by car from e.g. Frankfurt or Cologne.

In addition to preserved nature, there are adventurous hiking trails such as the Rothaarsteig and the Wald Skulpturen Weg unique in Germany. It offers hiker’s highlights left and right of the Rothaarsteig, twelve thematic circular walks in (half) day format, and accents the region with high-profile cultural events. Historic town centers, castles, castles, half-timbered houses, ornate facades, technical cultural monuments and other gems keep alive also the eventful history. And for the well-being and enjoyment factor? – this is provided by dedicated hosts in very personally managed homes with 3-5 stars.

Tourism Siegerland-Wittgenstein e.V. 
Koblenzer Straße 73, 57072 Siegen
Tel.: (0271) 333 10-20
Fax: (0271) 333 10-29
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Home and tourist board Aue-Wingeshausen

Home and tourist board is based on the following objectives and tasks:

  • beautification of the city and landscape of the towns of Aue, and Wingeshausen
  • care and maintenance of facilities and the historical features of both villages, as well as exploring the historical past
  • maintenance of native customs, habits and dialect
  • advertising the two villages
  • installation and maintenance of tourist and leisure facilities of all kinds
  • contact, support and advise for tourists

The association is a non-profit one; it does not primarily pursue its own economic purposes. Funds of the association and any profits from events may only be used for purposes in accordance with statutes.

Heritage and tourism Aue-Wingeshausen association
Harald Krutwig (Chairmann)
Am Bilzacker 4
57319 Bad Berleburg / Ortsteil Wingeshausen
Phene: (02759) 73 20
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