The scientific aspect

In addition to the ‚wisent forest‘ and the ‚Wisent-wilderness on the Rothaarsteig’,’wisent knowledge’ is the third strong pillar of the project.

‘wisent knowledge’ stands in particular for the scientific and informational aspects of the project. Since accompanying research, international conferences, workshops, environmental education (for example at kindergarten and school classes) are important concerns of the bison project.

An international wisent conference in Bad Berleburg took place under the term ‘wisent knowledge’, in the spring of 2012. In addition, results were presented on the behaviour of the animals, their impact on the ecosystem and the agriculture, through lectures, guided tours and seminars.

The conservation project is accompanied, and evaluated by support from four universities. An important objective is to establish this research permanently. For this purpose, an instalment in the financing of the conservation project goes by every ticket for the ‚Wisent-wilderness’. Because funding is only until secured until the end of 2013 by the BfN, and state NRW. Then, the conservation project needs to be financed independently.

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