The wilderness area

enter the fascinating ‘Wisent World Wittgenstein’.

take a thrilling look on the conservation project, unique for Western Europe.

help maintain its original home to the King of the forest.

visit our second herd ‘Wisent-wilderness on the Rothaarsteig’.

be inspired!

Loophole into the endangered species project

Topsy-turvy world: Although the wisent herd is separated by a fence from the visitors, it’s rapidly created the illusion that there are massive animals moving freely in their wild life area – and not the humans! These are claim and objective of the ‘Wisent-wilderness on the Rothaarsteig’.

‘Wisent-wilderness on the Rothaarsteig’ gradually introduces elements to outwit the senses: a tunnel in the form of a roof construction and stream crossings are examples that highlight this.


The construction work for the ‚Wisent-wilderness’ was started in September 2011, its opening was on September 20, 2012. But already on December 7, 2011 the first two wisent cows Fasel and Faye were released to their new home. The ‘Wisent-wilderness’ was opened with a five-member flock, supposed to reproduce up to a maximum of twelve animals.

The 20-acre ‘Wisent-wilderness’ impresses with its natural formations: rocks, streams, spring ditches, valley and forest offer various enjoyments of nature. Here soon hiking enjoyment, family outings and wildlife watching can be combined at its best.

The two to three hour nature trail (approx. 3 km long) requires suitable footwear and a safe step – as the visitor will be entering a wilderness in the sense of the word.

The 3 km hiking trail is not suitable for visitors with limited mobility and lack of surefootedness, and also not for guests with baby buggies, etc. As an alternative, we offer a largely walk-in and fortified road (around 600 m in length) at reduced ticket fees. However, this only allows limited view of the grounds and also on the animals.

Dogs are not allowed into the exhibition grounds

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